Are You Willing To Follow Just One Step To Get Answers?

There really is only one thing you need to do in order to get answers to any question or problem you are having, and that is to write out the question, in the correct way, before you go to sleep at night, and then ask your subconscious to answer the question for you.

This plan only works if you do one important thing – as soon as you get the answer – write it down! 

Last night I asked myself what would be a good name for a wellness website.  I am planning to put up a very informative website to teach people how to stay well as they age.  I need a good name for the site, and I knew my subconscious could come up with one.

I hadn’t gotten it by the middle of the night, so I asked again and IMMEDIATELY had it!  It was Perfect!  It said wellness, it said natural, it said anti-aging, it stood for all things I wanted my new site to teach people, I was very excited, I couldn’t wait until morning to see if the name was already taken!  — But I didn’t want to wake myself up and write it down.  So I told myself to remember it, gave myself a few clues, and went back to sleep.

This morning I woke up and asked myself what it was.  I tried to remember what clues I had given myself to help me remember, there was nothing. . . My excitement was gone, and now I am trying desperately to remember what was given me, and I’m not getting a thing.

So, I guess I need to practice what I teach.  After all, I am the Author of the book on Directed Dreaming and I should know better! 

So, please, take my advice.  When something is given to you from the subconscious, be sure to write it down immediately, or it could be gone forever.

P.S.  If you have a good name for a wellness site, feel free to post a suggestion.  Thanks!