At Last, Your Idea Plus Our Plan Equals Your Success

Here is how to generate exactly $37,641.85 in just 24 days with a simple idea and a little determination.

I think you have heard the saying – A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words.  As a writer, I know that it is much easier to show someone a picture than it is to write a thousand words.  But did you know that just one of your ideas could be worth more than $37,000.00 dollars!

In Directed Dreaming, I tell you how to capture the ideas you receive from your subconscious while you sleep.  This is the first powerful step in your action plan.  You must remember your ideas in order to take action on them. But then what?

For some people, the ideas they are able to remember come and go, and sadly, they just let them.  But what if there was a step-by-step plan to put your idea into action and make tons of cash?  I know of one person (and I’m sure there’s more) who acted on an idea, found out how simple it was to make over $37,000.00 in just under a month, and is now willing to let you in on his secret

What do you think would happen if you acted on just one of those ideas you have swimming around in your head?  Do you think your life would change in the next 30 days?

I have said this before, and it’s the key ingredient for success.  All you need to do to change your life and master your future is believe in your power, and act on your ideas. If you are currently experiencing some sort of lack in your life (example:  you feel like you could have a better job, or you could be building a business instead of working for someone else, etc.), you need to start commanding your mind to make things better. 

Do you constantly have ideas that you feel could make you rich?  Did you know that as soon as you have an idea it is presented to the Universe and if you do not act on it as quickly as possible, someone else will pick up.  The Universe is where ideas come from, and they float around until someone acts on them – and it might as well be you.

This information is FAR too valuable for you to pass this by!