Can you Get Past Your Fears Long Enough to Succeed?

Some people go through all of their days being unhappy.  Why?  Unhappiness is just a state of mind so why not be happy?  In order for us to change the things that we are unhappy with in our lives we have to change the way that we think. If we never change the way that we think we will continue to get the same results in our lives. In order for us to see changes in our lives we have to face our worst enemy and that is FEAR (really just our own mind. )

Mark Twain said it best with this quote, “Do the things that you FEAR most and the DEATH to FEAR is certain.” You owe it to yourself to understand this principle.

About 90% of people live their lives in fear and never become the person that they dream of becoming. This simply happens because they just fail to take action. They FEAR what they don’t understand. We have to look at FEAR as nothing more then a word or as a learning process. Did you ever know what FEAR was when you were a young child climbing trees and playing in strange places? Probably not, at least not until someone you trusted or looked up to told you to be afraid. 

To conquer fear start by accomplishing the things that you fear the most.  Tell yourself at the start that you can do this, and that you are not afraid.  After completing the task you will look back and think how foolish it was to be afraid in the first place.

Learn to leave your comfort zone. When we leave our comfort zone we become a more rounded individual. When we do the things that we fear and look back at them afterwards, we see that what we feared has now turned into part of our comfort zone. This simply happens because we do not fear these things after accomplishing them in the past. The next time similar situations arise we will no longer stress over it, we will just do it.

We must set our minds on always conquering the unknown. Always “think outside the box”. Look fear in the eyes and just do the task. Chances are that you will succeed and soon come to find out that FEAR is nothing more then a word. Every successful businessperson has undoubtedly faced fear many times, yet they have succeeded in their business. So can you!

Once we understand and can change some of the beliefs that have been programmed into us by society as children, we can more fully take control of our lives and our destiny through the power of positive thought.

You to can become successful in any aspect of your life that you choose. You just have to get past one thing, YOURSELF!

When you do this you will start to become the person that you have always dreamed about. Today is the day you are going to take what is rightfully yours. It’s called LIFE! We are here to enjoy every aspect of life, not just to be a part of it.

You must begin to believe in yourself; a good start is by conquering FEAR!!