“Can you Lose Weight Without Exercising?” — Volume II

I hadn’t really thought I could expand much on the no exercise routine, but I just ran across this article for a new Weight Loss Supplement out of South Africa. It’s called Hoodia, it’s made from a cactus and it basically tricks the brain into thinking that you’re full. Since the basic weight loss formula is using up more calories than you take in, there’s got to be something said for eating less, which means you shouldn’t need to exercise so much. I haven’t had much success with weight loss products in the past, they usually either make me feel like I’ve had a barrel of coffee, or they will cause my heart to race and do strange things. I would rather be a little over-weight then die of a heart attack, so usually it’s back to the same old routine (and back to the gym).

Hoodia is a lot different, it doesn’t have these side-affects and you can take it in liquid form (so it’s not so hard on the stomach). Anyway, I’m not really here to tout a diet pill, but thought it was worth mentioning if Oprah did, as well as ABC news, NBC today and 60 minutes – There’s got to be something to that!

By the way, while it’s nice to NOT exercise, did you know that moving more could help you live longer? If you’re highly active you could live more than three years longer; moderately active people average about a year longer, and both activities can cause cardiovascular disease to stay away for about three years longer. Since you’re going to be skinnier, you might as well live to enjoy those ocean cruises!

Take Care!