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A few things to consider when selecting neuro linguistic programming courses.

NLP Secret Hidden For Years is Now Revealed in Print

NLP, also known as Neuro Linguistic Programming has been known about for years. Unfortunately though, maybe because of its huge name, people are afraid to admit that something so powerful exists that can take negative patterns and feelings and turn them around, changing your life forever.

I have to admit, I am one of those people who think NLP is a little scary. I’m more used to using Positive Affirmations and Cosmic Ordering to get what I want. But I read the other day that the same system USED by Anthony Robbins, and taught by Dr. John Grinder, is now available in print.

There’s an interesting story on the site about a man that was afraid to talk women. At the time, he was at a seminar and in front of a bunch of people – including women. So the speaker decided to do a little experiment on him – in front of everyone! He does some Neuro Linguistic Programming that involves movement of the body – the process takes 10 minutes.

When I read this story, I couldn’t help but feel sorry for the poor man. Here he was, admitting his fears and then having to get up in front of everyone for this little experiment! But the turn-around was unbelievable! Somehow, in those ten minutes, he gained more confidence than he had ever had. Even talked to a women sitting right there in the room and thought nothing about it!

Many people think of “FEAR” as something (an object) they are afraid of, like spiders or snakes. But that’s not what NLP takes care of. It has more to do with eliminating “negative behaviors” or patterns Including:

  • Shyness
  • Stress
  • Procrastination
  • Anger
  • and just generally feeling stuck!
  • Once the problem is identified, it’s easy to solve. And instead of being something you do with your mind, you simply perform a little trick involving the body, and changes occur immediately!

    It really is an amazing process and until now has only been taught at live seminars. But now the NLP Secret is in print, and it can be used for absolutely ANYTHING!

    And, as I said, in just TEN MINUTES this technique can help anyone with self-confidence, limiting thoughts, personal issues, fears, and also effectively treating real problems that involve pain and suffering.

    Discover the NLP Secret today. You can’t go wrong with a 200% Refund Guarantee!

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Recommended NLP Courses

If you’re looking for NLP courses, you’ve probably already answered a few questions about what you want to get out of a course. If not, here are a few things to consider when deciding which neuro linguistic programming courses to consider.

Expert & Certified Teacher: Even if you just want to know basic neuro linguistic programming hypnosis, any NLP courses you consider should be taught by a certified hypnotherapist. You can find all types of NLP courses in the form of books & tapes, but if they were not developed by an expert in the field, you won’t really be learning much.

Certification: If you want to learn and EARN NLP through the courses you take, consider getting certified. With an NLP practitioner certification program, you’ll not only be learning things you can use on your own, you’ll also be able to make money with what you’ve learned in the NLP Course. Certified NLP practitioners can make $100 an hour or more, so it’s definitely something to consider.

Where does the Certification come from? If you’re going to go so far as to take nlp courses make sure the certification is from a recognized source, like the American Alliance of Hypnotists. You will be spending your time and money taking NLP Courses, so make sure from the start that you will actually be CERTIFIED to practice hypnotherapy.

Cost: You should be able to get everything I mentioned above for between $100 and $200. And, as I said, this fee should include that all course work is looked over by a certified hypnotherapist. If not, keep looking until you find one that does.

Timed Training: A course is a course and there should be a time limit to finish it, otherwise your busy life might get in the way and you’ll just quit. Usually, good certification courses last about eight weeks, but if you’re taking your NLP courses online, you may be given as much as a year to complete them. After you get started though, you’ll probably be so excited to start making money that you’ll want to just get moving!

Ongoing Training: If you take the first course as a layman with no hypnosis background, you might soon discover that you want to continue on to be a professional hypnotherapist. The NLP Course you sign up for should have a tiered program so you can take other courses for your complete NLP practitioner certification. As I said before, the course should have a beginning and an end, but you should be able to further develop your skills as you go along.

Now, if you’re ready to continue, check out the number one Online NLP Courses for Hypnosis and NLP Certification!

New NLP Certification Training Reviewed

Many people want to learn about NLP but have never considered getting an NLP Certification, however, when I was writing the book on Directed Dreaming, I met a lot of people that helped me discover new ideas and better self help products. One of those people was Steve G. Jones author of the book: “Discovering the World of NLP Through Steve G. Jones” NLP Practitioner Manual

Steve has advanced his self help business in neuro linguistic programming hypnosis and just recently announced the opening of his NLP Practitioner Certification Program. It’s worth noting that even if you’re not interested in getting the NLP Certification, it’s still worth checking out this program for your own self help.

This program breaks away the traditional barriers to NLP and is available as online NLP courses for everyone who wants to learn it.

The price of the entire course is currently at $147, but be sure to check out the sales page as there are special sales going on every now and then, and it also depends on how much information you need. (for example, do you the entire neuro linguistic programming training certification, or do you want to know about neuro linguistic programming hypnosis for your own use?)

And, just for the record, I paid over $900 for every class I took in college, so this is a very small price to pay for an entire certification course. Also, consider that attending seminars and lectures can cost up to $2,000 just for the registration, and then you have travel, meals and hotel expenses. And, you will be able to work directly with Steve G. Jones to get your NLP certification.

That’s why I decided to give you a quick review of this neuro linguistic programming course, so you can get a quick peek inside, here’s what information is included in this NLP certification course:

The NLP Practitioner Manual is the 100-page textbook included in the course package, which also includes ten full-length videos where Steve G. Jones will be teaching all the strategies, techniques and concepts one on one. The manual was not meant to fully reflect the videos or vice versa. According to Jones, this was done to create a more dynamic and beneficial learning environment.

The book has ten chapters and covers topics such as:

  • Wide Eyes (or Soft Eyes)
  • Eye Accessing Cues
  • Representation Systems
  • Sub-Modality Distinctions
  • States of Excellence
  • Major Presuppositions of NLP
  • Lie/Truth Submodality Exercise
  • New Behavior Generator
  • NLP Handshake Interrupt (Instant) Induction
  • 6-Step Reframing Outline
  • Building Self-Confidence

These are just a fraction of the total number of topics covered in the NLP Practitioner Manual.


In the first part of the book, Questions and Answers About NLP, Jones carefully outlines the most essential questions about the discipline and provides a point-by-point explanation to each of these questions. If you’re new to neuro linguistic programming training, this information will help you get a quick start and understand the goals of this self help program. As you can guess, because the term “neuro” is part of the process, it’s not just behavior theory, but also the neurology body of knowledge.

“At a later chapter, Jones shows how an NLP Practitioner can establish rapport in four steps. Rapport in NLP is really about moving parallel to the actions, gestures and language of the other person. After showing how rapport can be achieved with clients, Jones enthuses: ”…Remember, you want to be calm, centered, relaxed and positive. Remain focused. Think Creatively. Positively. Visualize Success!””

Visualizing success is part of the process in any self-hypnosis program, which is why you are also shown how to increase the acuity (clearness) of each of the major senses. Regardless of what type of thinker you may be, there is a way to increase the acuity of your senses through specific exercises.

All of these are discussed in the topic on Sensory Acuity. As shown above, there’s also a chapter on Eye Accessing Cues. Cues are markers that identify what type of thinker a person is by looking at the direction the eyes take (up, left, right, etc.). All of these are hints as to what a person is thinking, which is important if you want to make sure they are listing to you, and/or following along.

Find more information on working DIRECTLY with Steve G. Jones on your NLP Certification here.