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Why Do People Follow Guru’s Like James Ray?

I was horrified the other night when I saw “Guru” James Ray on the news, seemingly un-daunted by the fact that he had just killed three people. And yes, in my opinion he did kill those people! But why they stayed in the sweat lodge after the first one passed out is beyond my comprehension. When you’re looking for self help I’m pretty sure you don’t want it to kill you!

They say James Ray liked to play “God.” But God doesn’t PUSH people to their limits to see how strong they are, yelling and screaming at them all the way. The lady who wrote the book on James Ray (Joy) said he took a group of followers to scale Machu Picchu in Peru and forced them to go at a dangerous pace. If I were a follower, I would have quit at that point.

Expert mountain climbers know that if you are doing a dangerous thing (like scaling a mountain), you need to be careful and make every step count. Not pretend you are spider man and go as fast as you can to prove something! I would say if you climbed safe and made it to the top, that qualifies as success!

The sweat lodge incident was uncalled for. Even if there were toxins in the material that the sweat lodge was made of, when the first person passed out – the lodge should have been cleared out! I suppose those people were just considered weak, and others didn’t want to leave and be considered weak. And, this is not the first time he’s done this. I just watched an exclusive ABC news report that showed similar happenings in a previous seminar like this – but fortunately no one died the first time.

Self help Gurus like James Ray – who like to pretend they are “all powerful” not only prey on weak people, but also those who really want to get more out of life and better themselves. I just don’t like self help speakers who charge enormous amounts for their seminars. Seems like basically, they’re only helping their self. . .

Sorry, I’m ranting here, but I just think this should be filed under cult activity and Mr. Guru Ray should be punished. Maybe he should be made to sit in that sweat lodge until he passes out! Oh, and don’t forget to make him sign that waiver so you don’t have to be responsible for ANYTHING that happens to you when you put yourself at the mercy of a self help guru who is so money hungry that he won’t stop a “session” even if people are passing out and dying around him!

P.S. I have done a “re-birthing” session in the past, it was a personally supervised breathing exercise and did NOT include frying my brain in a sweat lodge!

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Self Knowledge Involves a New Approach to Wellbeing — Mike Robinson

Mike Robinson is the author of the Recent Bestseller, “The True Dynamics of Life” which details a new approach to health and wellbeing involving self knowledge as its starting point. Robinson says, “You are the world and the world is you and only you can make it whole.”

Uniquely, as well as looking at the macro picture of why the world is in chaos, the book also addresses the micro level of each individuals role in that chaos. Using critical understandings from the book to explain how individuals usually operate from positive and negative swings in behaviour, it aims to help individuals see what is really happening in the practical side of life in all the areas that affect their way of being.

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5.0 out of 5 stars – The book of a lifetime!
If you could only pick one book for this year, this is the book. It is actually the book of a lifetime. The True Dynamics of Life is absolutely amazing! It takes you on an in-depth search of who you are, what is your true essence, and how to get free from the beliefs, thoughts, and judgements that keep us in a cycle of pain. It allows you to take charge of your life and find the depths of love. Read it yourself, recommend it to friends, share it with family, and anyone that truly wants to live a life of love. It helps us recognize the amazing difference we can make within ourself, our family, community, and world. Enjoy this profoundly beautiful book!

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Survey: The answer to the ultimate question of life the universe and everything is 42?

Today is 10/10/2010 and apparently that has something to do with the ultimate question of life, the universe and everything.

It stems from the fact that computers use number codes in the form of binary. So in binary code, 101010 equals 42.

Therefore, the meaning of life will be disclosed on 10/10/10.

Do you believe the answer to the ultimate question of the universe is 42? Do you have a theory as to what the question is? Speak Your Mind below:

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