Conversational Hypnosis Puts You Back In Control

conversation.gifHave you heard the term Conversational Hypnosis?  It’s the type of hypnosis usually used by those in sales and those who seem to always get what they want. For some it comes naturally, for others, it takes practice. And now it can be used by anyone – even if you’re not in sales (you just want to get your way!)

Unlike regular hypnosis, where the person is put into a trance, Conversational Hypnosis occurs when two people are just talking to each other, or so it seems.

Actually, one person is doing most of the talking, and the other seems to be listening and agreeing.

However, the person doing the talking is actually doing so in a way that Influences the listener to follow their lead.

Do you ever wish that would happen to you? Well, now it can! And, the program is endorsed by Dr. Joe Vitale, Star of “The Secret” Movie!

If you would like to know more about the stages of Conversational Hypnosis including:

  • How To Absorb a Person’s Attention
  • How To Bypass The Conscious Mind
  • Access Unconscious Responses
  • Amplify & Direct The Unconscious Responses

Have you ever had Buyers Remorse, and just didn’t know what made you make that expensive purchase. You were probably the victim of Conversational Hypnosis. Don’t let that happen to you again! Know the secrets, and be in control at all times.