Creativity: Ways To Be More Creative

It’s easy to be creative when you use the proper tools.  Here are some things you should consider doing when you are having a brain freeze. 

1. Meditation:

Our minds are often like glasses of water filled with dirt. The stresses that we endure throughout our day cause that glass of water to get shaken up. The water gets murky and our minds are distracted. This is when we are at our least creative state of mind. Meditation is a great way to allow that shaken up dirt to settle, allowing the glass of water that is our mind to be clear once again.

When you meditate, turn off all distractions in the room (music, noises, and lights). Be alone. Sit up against a wall and just let your mind wander. It’s important to sit upright and not slouch or you may fall asleep. The goal is to let your mind just “settle”. Then you will be in a more creative frame of mind for thinking up new ideas.

2. Record Your Dreams

Dreams are a great source of inspiration for creativity. They not only involve new untapped ideas, but they hit upon the emotions that you have buried deep inside you (your subconscious). These emotions can be a powerful source of energy for creating inspiring masterpieces or ideas.

There are many that believe that they don’t have that many dreams, when in fact we all dream every single night. We even wake and remember these dreams; however, as soon as we hit the shower, that dream is gone from our memory. Someone could even ask us later that day if we had a dream and we might make the mistake of saying “no”, having no recollection of the dream whatsoever.

This is why you need to record your dreams. This helps with remembering them. Keep a notebook by your bedside table and upon waking from a dream, write it down. You will find that by following this habit over the course of a few weeks, you will even start to remember multiple dreams upon waking up each morning.

3. Brainstorming

We often make the mistake of writing down a numbered list (or outline) of our ideas and this can cause us to think too logically. The most creative ideas never came from thinking logically with the left side of our brain.

To trick our minds into thinking with the right side of our brain, we can use the Brainstorming technique. Brainstorming is the process of jotting down on paper anything that comes to mind. There is no organization in a brainstorm session. You just get a pad of paper and begin writing things down. These could be just words or sentences. Try not to get hung up on the spelling, grammar, or punctuation of what you right down. Don’t let yourself make critiques or judgments of what you write. Just let the words flow. The idea behind this technique is to break free of the organizational part of your brain and allow your mind to release all thoughts.

When you are done, you can sift through what you have written down and with any luck, something will click and you’ll get an idea.

Authored by: Eric Head