Discover the Truth and Easily Develop Your Psychic Abilities

psychic2.jpgEven though I wrote the book on Directed Dreaming, I have always been a little leary of Psychic stuff.  When I think of a psychic, I think of the women at the carnavil, with their long dresses and scarves wrapped around their head.  And, although I joke about my crystal ball being broken every now and then, psychic things just seemed so unnatural.  Well, the truth is that everyone, even you, has the ability to tap into your inner psychic and use your insights to easily reach any goal you set!

You see, psychics want you to believe that they alone have this gift and that we mere mortals must rely on them for insight.

This is just not true and it is one of the biggest myths I have run across in my research.

As long as they can make the public believe this myth, their customers keep paying for one reading after the other.  As long as they’re lucky enough to cue in on a few, mostly obvious, things, you’re a believer!

I’m not saying psychics are all frauds.  There are of course also a lot of well meaning psychics out there.

And these were the ones I researched to gather information on how to develop psychic abilities.  They looked rather normal, they weren’t in a dark tent and they didn’t have a crystal ball!

The number one question you might ask is – How do I know if I can really reach my inner psychic?

 If you have doubts about your abilities, ask yourself a few questions:

  1. Have you had a dream that later actually occurred in your real life?
  2. Have you ever felt déjà vu?
  3. Have you ever felt that you have been at a certain location and have no means of explaining it?
  4. Have you ever decided not to do something because your gut told you not to do it, only to discover that something bad   happened?
  5. When the phone rings can you tell sometimes who is calling?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you have already used some of your psychic abilities.

However, to fully utilize your psychic mind and live your life to the fullest you need to learn to gain access to your deepest psychic level at your own will.

From there you can create a new “inner world” which will reflect in your “outer world”.

This is pretty powerful!

It all of a sudden gives you control back over your life, which was missing for so long.

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Here’s to YOUR psychic ability!