Do Your Daily Affirmations Make You Yawn?

daily affirmationsHow you feel when you lay down at night and start to say your daily affirmations. Is it a good feeling or do you just say them methodically like you were running through a list?. And how does your brain react? When I first started doing affirmations, I did them in the morning; I had a list that I read through, and every morning before I started work I read through the list. But for some reason when I got to about the third point I started to yawn. And unfortunately, as I continued to read – I continued to yawn.

I don’t know what the real reason is for this. But I didn’t want to stop reading the affirmations and after a while, as they became clearer in my mind and I began to believe them more, I didn’t yawn as much – in fact most days I didn’t yawn at all. The fact is, the more successful I became the less I yawned when I did my affirmations.

Now, even if I do my affirmations while lying in bed, I don’t yawn anymore. In fact, as I do the daily affirmations, I smile, get myself in a good mood, visualize myself having what I’m affirming, and basically just get in a more positive mood to believe that what I’m saying is actually a possibility.

Now you may be thinking that I go through a 10 min. affirmation list and that’s what makes me tired, but that’s not the case. My daily affirmation list is a list of ten items. And now that I’m smiling and going through them with a higher energy level, they not only make me feel good about what I’m doing – they are also starting to come true.

I guess what I’m trying to tell you, is that when you do your affirmations, don’t just read through a list. Read them with energy! In fact one of the other things I used to do, is to jump up and down a few times and really get my mind moving and my blood flowing before I did the affirmations. It helped me get into a state of mind where my energy was high, my excitement was high, and when I was done, I was ready to get to work.

So really think about what’s going on in your head when you’re doing your daily affirmations. Don’t just read through your list every day in a boring attempt to make your dreams come true. You need to believe and feel every word that you read, and soon you’ll see that the more you believe the more things happen!