Dreams Are They Good Or Bad?

Dreams that you have at night are bad if they are “Nightmares”, but the dreams you have that make you feel great and inspired – those are “Goodmares”. So have you been have “Nightmares” or “Goodmares”? If you are feeling oppressed or depressed you are probably have the first one, but if you have good things going on you are probably have the second.

Some say that the first one could be a premonition of things to come or an evilness in the dreamer. But could it just be an inner talk going on within you that is allowing your mind to create these? I am not a psychologist, have never studied Sigmund Freud and really don’t delve in that area. But I do feel that if you are relaxed and happy with your life, you are more likely to have “Goodmares”.

I am not really here to talk about your “..mares” I am really here to talk to you about your Dreams, your Aspirations, your Desires and your Inspirations. One definition the dictionary has for Dream is: “A condition or achievement that is longer for; an aspiration.” That is what is important to you and to your future.

Only Children Or Younger People Dream

Remember when you used to Dream and let your imagination run wild, when you ran freely through a meadow or traveled to new places or conquered domains – became the King or Queen and ruled over the land. Maybe you dreamed of driving the new car you just saw on the showroom with Mom and Dad or living in the house you saw while driving somewhere with your parents. Those were the good days when you let your imagination run freely and life was grand. Sadly, the times that we Dreamed were mainly in our earlier years and as we grew up, the Dreaming seemed to become less relevant. In Junior High and High School you had different dreams to an extent, when you went to College or started you job you had dreams to some extent.

But then reality sets in and you became involved with your career or family or whatever came along and the dreams faded and faded and disappeared. Then your Dreams were replaced with what many call “reality” and it was time to “grow up and forget about the childish things” or maybe it was “what do you want to be when you grow up” question? Some of us have not completely “grown up” yet, we still have times when we dream or “fantasize” about better places and things. But we don’t put action to it because we don’t know how or we are afraid of failure or success or being laughed at by our “friends”. Would true friends laugh at you or would they encourage you? Hummm, that could be food for thought.

Could there POWER in a dream?

The power of a dream is something you need to realize and grab onto. It is the dreamers such as Edison, Carver, Bell, Stanley, Ford, Trump, Gates, and many more who have had Dreams that propelled them to do what became great things. Their Dreams were the driving force that allowed them to keep “their nose to the grindstone” and accomplish great things.

There is such a power there that if harnessed, grabbed onto and acted up will allow you to move forward and off of the “treadmill” that you are on today. Dreams give you hope, they give you power and enthusiasm, a tunnel vision of focus to assist you to motivate you to drive you on an adventure of growth and realization about yourself that you might have buried deep and hidden away. They allow you to use your natural talents and learned talents to the max, if you will allow them to. They are the beginning of the whole process of becoming you were meant to be to accomplish what you were meant to accomplish.

“Those Without Dreams Work For Those With Dreams.” Wealth Builders

We all have a destiny, we all have things that we can and should accomplish. To many times we let “life” get in the way and hold us back or hinder us to the point that we give up and believe what the rest of the world says. Get a job, work hard, retire and enjoy your “Golden Years” that is what we did (are doing). I’ve heard it explained very well more than once, “Work 40 hours a week for 40 years and retire with 40% of what you were used to living on!” It is called the 40/40/40 plan and that is the bill of goods we have been sold. Forget those dreams, forget those aspirations and all that childish junk – just do what the rest of us are doing.

It is time to break the bondage of fear of failure or fear of success, it is time to stop the negative inner talk and sit down, relax and let yourself dream again. Dream about your house, your car, your boat, your new lifestyle, your garden, your swimming pool, your whatever it is that you have felt you always desired and deserved. Write those dreams down each and everyone of them. Every time a dream comes alive in your mind – write it down and keep track of all of them. Because they are the first step to moving on with your life.

About The Author
Gary Aschenbrenner is the creator of the Achieving Your True Worth System, a complete system that acts as a guide to a life that is worthwhile and exciting.

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