Guided Meditation – One Last Gift for You This Year

I figured I only one more chance this year to find something of value for you in the self-improvement area.  I had almost run out of options when I ran across this Guided Meditation tape.

Many people know how to meditate alone.  You simply find a quite place, and let yourself relax – trying not to think of anything in particular, and then just letting thoughts pop into your head.

Sometimes though, it’s not as easy as it seems.  If you can’t get your mind to stop thinking of the happenings of the day, there is no way for the subconscious to take over and let you in on the secrets you desire.  That’s where Guided Meditation can become extremely powerful.

I have many meditation tapes, and most of them are between 45 minutes to an hour long.  But what if you don’t have that long?  Will a short relaxation session work?

The answer is – YES!  And that’s why this product was developed.  For those of us who are always on the fast track, but could still use a little stress relief every now and then.

This is a new 15 minute guided meditation tape that is unlike anything I’ve found elsewhere.  Not to mention that it’s the least expensive of them all (yes, it is less expensive because it’s shorter, but it packs a lot of Guided Meditation in a small package.)

Be sure to scroll down to the middle of the page where you can download a sample of the recording to see if it’s something you can relax to.

This year, I know things will keep moving faster and faster.  But in order to keep up with it all and not go crazy, it helps to have someone guide you into a state of relaxation, even if only for a short time.

I hope it works for you – I’ll talk to you again next year!

Oh, I almost forgot – If you want some stuff by the same company, visit the link below and find out how to make your world the way you want it this year.  There are four things to choose from, you can have one, or all of them!

Happy New Year!
Evelyn Grazini
Author of Directed Dreaming, Success from the Subconscious