Have a Successful Lucid Dream Tonight

womandream.jpgI have been researching subconscious dreaming and lucid dreaming for a while now, and am finding that I am much better at getting information from my dreams than I am about getting into my dreams (as in Lucid Dreaming).  It’s probably the reason I wrote the book on Directed Dreaming first – but  I hope to get better at Lucid Dreaming because it’s so much more fun!

If you read the Lucid Dreaming report you received when you signed up for my newsletter, you know a few things about lucid dreaming:  If you didn’t have time to read the full report, here is a short recap:

The first step to becoming lucid during dreaming is to start trying to recall the previous nights dreams.

You need to write down your dreams and try to remember them so you can give yourself clues as to what to look for at night.  This will help you become aware of when you are dreaming, which will help you be more comfortable becoming lucid.  It also gives you something you can associate with, to gently tell yourself when you’re dreaming, so you can comfortably enter into the dream.

One important thing to remember about your dream cycles is that during the night, the time spent dreaming grows progressively longer with each cycle.  This means that the longest stretch of dreamtime occurs just before awakening.  This is the time you should concentrate on trying to become lucid.

Lucid Dreaming is not easy.  It takes time and practice.  However, there are a few programs that are designed specifically to teach you how to become consciously aware (lucid) while dreaming, and how to apply the practice of conscious dreaming for personal growth and improvement.

One of these programs is the MindPlace Four Elements

With Mindplace you get a little help and can quickly learn how to:

  • Vividly remember your dreams
  • Become consciously aware (lucid) within your dreams
  • Control your actions within your dreams
  • Discover the personal meaning of dream symbols
  • Track & understand your specific dream patterns
  • Identify your personal dream cues
  • Control or explore the dream environment
  • Easily trigger dreams about specific desired events
  • Use your dreams to rehearse situations or activities
  • Use your dreams to achieve personal growth in waking life.

If you’ve tried Lucid Dreaming and only been partially successful, try this program.  It’s not very expensive, and may be just what you need to get you to that next Lucid level.

Good Luck!

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