How to Make New Year’s Resolutions More Successful

So, how are the New Year’s Resolutions coming along? Did you lose weight yet, or stop smoking? I know it’s early but please don’t tell me you’ve quit your resolution already.

I made the yearly “lose weight” resolution because I read in a magazine that if you just limit carbs and sugar you can lose up to 20 pounds in a week. I didn’t think I ate all that much sugar, but surprise surprise. I was getting the full daily allowance of 16 grams in my morning coffee! Needless to say, it’s going to take longer than expected for me to lose belly fat (which is the area most of us store it).

Regardless, I’m still going to cut down on the amount of sugar I eat, but maybe just not as fast!

There’s a reason that New Year’s Resolutions don’t normally last too long though, and that’s because we have been pre-programmed to recognize all that is wrong with us.

As teenagers we all started down the – There’s something wrong with me – road. We stood in front of a mirror and criticized ourselves without mercy. We told ourselves that we were too short…too tall or too fat….too skinny…..or too something…too the other.

It didn’t matter what others said, we were sure we were so imperfect. That was then…this is now…you need to get over it so you can better succeed in your business life and in your home life.

So instead of making those body beautiful resolutions, why not find ways to improve your self-esteem and self-confidence? The tools you’ve used to lower your self esteem are the same ones you use to raise it. And once you’re self esteem is under control, the rest will come naturally.

Here are a few NEW Resolutions you might consider:

Stop comparing yourself to other people. They aren’t perfect. They have faults and things they consider to be less than perfect about themselves (although you’ll probably never know it).

Stop putting yourself down! The rest of the world is ready to sell you short…don’t sell yourself short. If you continue to look at yourself in a negative way and convey that to others, they will eventually begin to see you the same way you see yourself.

Use positive affirmations about yourself TO yourself. The same way you tore your self-esteem down by saying negative things to yourself, you can build it up by saying positive things about yourself. Make this a high priority resolution!

Stop putting up with stuff! You don’t have to…so don’t! Acknowledge to yourself what you’re just putting up with, and zap those tolerations. Things will change – but isn’t that the goal? The late Ann Landers said that you can only be a doormat if you lie down and let people wipe their feet on you.

Most importantly, take time for yourself. Your wants and desires are as important as anybody else’s’. Even if you’re not in a position to make immediate changes in your career, you can still devote some of your leisure time to enjoyable hobbies and activities.

Seek help if you need to. Either read more positive books, do meditation, or get professional help as necessary. Low self-esteem is a guarantee for failure, but this year will be different – this year will be GREAT!

Happy New Year!