I Laughed When I Read About Intuition vs. Gut Feelings

I read an interesting article the other day where a person tried to describe the difference between intuition and a gut feeling.  The author was sure that these two feelings were not the same thing because he claimed that a gut feeling was not real, whereas intuition was very real. I laughed to myself when I read this, and I think I will dare to argue this opinion. 

I have studied intuition for a long time, and I know that when I receive intuitive information, it can come as a gut feeling, a hunch, or a sort of sixth sense feeling.  An intuition is not a – true – thing and is, in fact, based on insufficient information.  After all, it comes from your subconscious when you are NOT actively using all of your senses to try to figure out a problem.  Intuition doesn’t use facts; it uses life experiences stored in your memory, as well as accessing your senses, and using instinct. 

You can only access your intuition when you are in a relaxed mode, or not actively thinking about something.  That is why you should always carry a piece of paper and a small pen with you wherever you go.  When you get your million dollar idea, it will come in a flash, but when you “wake up” and start thinking about other things, it can be forgotten just as fast.

Many people have given up on accessing their intuition due to lack of success.  But its very important to “prime your intuition” as some call it.  If you have problems accessing your intuition, you might try Pendulum Dowsing. This method will help you:

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Good Luck!