Important Tax Information Could Save You Money!

I thought this was important enough to write about since we are in the height of Tax Season (this message may be too late for some people in the U.S., but Canada does not file until April 30th), I am sure about other countries.

I usually file my taxes using an automated program. However, I was talking to a tax adviser the other day, and he said that the last three people who walked into his office with audit letters from the IRS had used this particular automated program to file (I don’t want to mention any names in case I could get in trouble; you’ve probably already read some news about the lawsuit concerning one of the big-name tax preparers)

Anyway, I’ve already filed, so this news comes too late for me, but I really did not know I had much of a choice in tax programs.

If you haven’t filed yet, and need to do so QUICK – I’ve found another Company offering a program that is one of the oldest authorized IRS e-file providers in existence! 

They are IRS approved, guaranteed accurate, and you’ll get faster tax refunds than through any other online service.

You can bet I also did a search on them before I sent out this message, and what I found was that Forbes, USA Today, PC World, CNN, Smart Computing and many other media outlets feature them in their media coverage, and it’s all good!

They also offer a 2-Day Tax Refund Loan.  If you are running a little behind this year, get this software today! 

Good Luck!