Inception Lucid Dreaming Wake Up Kicks

One more small post about the inception movie then I’ll continue onto something else. It’s just such a complex movie that after you see it, there are more than a few things going on in your mind, one of them is the notion that you’ll need “Wake Up Kicks” in order to get you out of the dream state.

The reason the wake up kicks were important to the Inception lucid dreamers was that they used a sort of dream machine to put them into a deep sleep. Therefore, because they were under a forced deep sleep for longer than a regular person would be asleep, they used a timer and/or music to let them know when it was time to wake up.

This was especially important while they were on their mission as it told them how much longer they had before they would be “kicked out” of their dream state and brought back to reality. On their mission they had to sleep for a very long time, so they also took a sleep sedative that would put them out for about 10 hours.

The time/space reality of the dream stage was also interesting. I have done a few “Rebirthing” sessions, which is almost the same as past life regression, and it’s very true that when we sleep, dream time goes much slower than real time. That’s why you can have such long, intense lucid dreams when in reality only a small amount of time has passed.

The point I’m trying to make here is that for people who want to learn how to lucid dream, waking up is not something to worry about. That will occur naturally just as it does when you’re having a relaxing sleep. As I said before, reality checks might be the most important thing you need to become efficient at if you plan on doing lucid dreaming for long periods of time.

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