Make the Universe Work for You

Hi, I have some valuable advice that I wanted to pass it on to you today.

A friend recently emailed me and asked me how I do it.  “How did you find a way to do what you love and make it work for you in the way that you want….not holding back and just doing what makes you happy in the belief that success will follow.”

I have to tell you, it’s not an easy decision to make to put your trust in the Universe.  Sometimes I have doubts.  Sometimes I think I should be doing something else.  But there is one thing I do when these doubts appear, to make them go away.

I put my feelers out.  If my conscious mind tells me there is a job that I should apply for (even though I don’t really want to),  I’ll just go ahead and apply.  Then I can quit thinking about it!  If I don’t get the job, I know it wasn’t right for me.  But at least I can stop stressing that I should have went for it.

The amazing thing is:  After the stress of wondering if I should make an attempt is gone, things start happening that lead me to the right decisions.

So, don’t be afraid to put your trust in the Universe.  It has been GREAT for me!  When those doubts become too powerful to take, just put your feelers out and know that you will be lead in the right direction.

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Have a Great Day!