Make Your Life List FUN!

Life ListI’ve been reading a lot lately about people making Life Lists.  I have to admit, I’m a little out of touch with this concept.

I’ve always believed in goals, in fact I have a small list of goals that I read every morning before I start my day; it helps me keep on track. But goals seem to be more like work things.  Like, what I want to accomplish in my job, when I want to retire, etc. 

Boring!. . .

But now I’ve made a Life List, and you should too.  A Life List consists of things you really want to do someday.  Not necessarily before you die, but just things you have a burning desire to accomplish.

They are FUN things, like travel the world, stay in 5-Star Hotels, maybe take a ride into space someday, things like that.

There’s one important thing to do when you start making your life list, and that is to NOT think about how you will accomplish it. 

Don’t think of the cost, or the time involved.  Just start writing until you come up with a bunch of things you want to do someday, then boil it down to the most important (to you) 20 things.  If you can’t pick 20, just keep them all!

Keep these things in mind, and soon you will find yourself having a lot more FUN in life!

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