Mind Control Over Body Releases Your Potential

I talk a lot about using your subconscious to access your intuition, but have you ever considered that what your body can do depends on what your mind can conceive. It’s almost like a camera. Whatever the lens captures, the film prints (or shows up on the screen, in our digital age). You will never get a photo of something that the lens did not see.

Likewise, the body can only come up with a potential that the mind can imagine. The mind is designed as a command center, and the body serves as production department. When the mind is strong, the body will obey. When the mind is creative, the body will create accordingly.

When the reverse happens, inability sets in. When the mind is weak and overwhelmed, the body takes over and commands the mind. Thus, at the slightest hint of difficulty and pain, the body will give up and tell the mind it can do no more.

You need to optimize your mind

When the body quits, the mind can do nothing except agree with the spoiled body, and quit. For example:  when you feel lazy and make excuses not doing something (exercise, get out of bed, etc.) the mind becomes too weak to oppose that.  You then have the unfortunate event of your body controlling your mind. And from that abnormal scenario will flow an equally abnormal life. All issues in life will spread from that, and you will continue to go downhill.

The mind MUST always be on top! 

Fortunately, training can strengthen the mind.  You need to train it to make decisions the body will obey. If you adopt a life principle, make sure everything you do is based on it. The mind decides what is right and the body is given practical things to do in relation to it.  Some people succeed in doing with affirmations – others do not.

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