Positive Exposure – Program Your Subconscious for Success

Here is some great advice from my hypnosis friend Steve Jones.
It gives great information on how important it is to control
the subconscioius if you want to be successful!
Words are everything. With words we can declare war, propose to a
loved one, or deliver a heart-felt sermon. Words move nations. The
holy writings of the world are words. All the textbooks you have
ever read are words. Your computer monitor displays words. Words
are everywhere, they surround us. We use words to communicate with
ourselves and others. Words can motivate us, “One Nation, Under
God…” or can bring us down, “Today President Kennedy was shot…” 

Since words are such a large part of our lives and have a profound
effect on us, it is important that we surround ourselves with
positive words. This will uplift us and help us do our best. 

Negative words, whether spoken or written, are dangerous. When we
talk to ourselves, or about ourselves, we should make sure that our
talk is positive. For example, many people say things such as, “My
life is going nowhere, I’m broke, I have no opportunities…” To
them, it may seem as if they are simply reporting the facts, making
an observation, or stating the obvious.

When we say things about ourselves, those things are registered as
fact by our subconscious mind. Whether or not they are valid is
irrelevant. The subconscious mind does not know the difference
between fact and fiction, right and wrong, or good and bad. It
simply stores data like a computer.

Therefore, when we say negative things about ourselves, those
things tend to come true. We can program ourselves for failure.
BUT, since saying positive things about ourselves has the opposite
effect, we can also program ourselves for success. So, a more
productive approach to living would be to say positive things about

I often tell clients, “You can use hypnosis every night as you go
to sleep, but what is MUCH more important is how you talk to
yourself during the waking hours of your day.”

You must talk positively about your present, your future, and
yourself. We all accidentally say unproductive things about
ourselves, but we must catch ourselves and re-word those phrases
into something positive. We should also be careful of WHO we
surround ourselves with. Are there people in your life who bring
you down? Who don’t believe in your potential? Who consistently
talk you out of reaching higher? Who want you to “play it safe for
your own good”? Exposure to those people needs to be minimized or
eliminated. Avoid negative people and negative conversations and
you will soon find your mind drifting toward positive ideas.

Now, if you really want to master this positive exposure concept,
you can even control what you watch on TV, listen to on the radio,
and read in the paper. You must become picky about who you allow to
put information in your head. Find a good source of information and
even then limit your exposure to it. So much of our negative
programming comes to us through the media. We passively watch and
listen, but our subconscious mind records everything. I rarely
watch television, but I was watching TV recently at a gym. I
discovered that the networks have managed to train people to have
anxiety on cue. I believe the Pavlovian-style stimuli were called
level yellow, level red, etc. The TV now tells us how anxious we
should be based on information that we cannot verify. How
interesting…a box can ruin our day and cause us to think
negatively about our lives and our possibilities. My advice is to
control the box. We are certainly more mentally powerful than a

Newspapers accomplish the same goal, raising our anxiety level, by
displaying tragedy as headline news. What about all the people who
had a wonderful time on the beach in Santa Monica today? Why isn’t
that on the front page? What about the flower in a vase on the
windowsill of a beautiful house? Why isn’t that on the cover of the
LA times as the lead story? Does that sound absurd to you? That a
flower would be the headline news? Who would buy a paper like that?
Maybe a handful of people. Not many. We have been programmed to
feed on all of the anxiety offered by the media. People start to
look forward to the next anxiety- generating story…someone was
shot, someone stole something, some group of angry people is
hurting another group of people…and on and on it goes…this
steady diet of anxiety. Take control of what goes in your head.

I am not suggesting that we ignore the problems of the world. There
are real problems going on which need our attention. I am simply
suggesting that we find ways to protect ourselves from the constant
barrage of negativity being aimed at us. The information is often
valid, but packaged in a very harmful way. When we take
responsibility for what goes in our heads, we can truly begin to
live powerfully. In an airplane the flight attendant will tell you
to put your oxygen mask on first, before helping others. I am
suggesting the same. Clear your mind of all the rubbish being aimed
at it, by yourself and others, and then you will be better able to
live your life on your terms and help others.

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Have a positive and powerful day!