Self Knowledge Involves a New Approach to Wellbeing — Mike Robinson

Mike Robinson is the author of the Recent Bestseller, “The True Dynamics of Life” which details a new approach to health and wellbeing involving self knowledge as its starting point. Robinson says, “You are the world and the world is you and only you can make it whole.”

Uniquely, as well as looking at the macro picture of why the world is in chaos, the book also addresses the micro level of each individuals role in that chaos. Using critical understandings from the book to explain how individuals usually operate from positive and negative swings in behaviour, it aims to help individuals see what is really happening in the practical side of life in all the areas that affect their way of being.

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Here is just one Review of Mike Robinson’s book:

5.0 out of 5 stars – The book of a lifetime!
If you could only pick one book for this year, this is the book. It is actually the book of a lifetime. The True Dynamics of Life is absolutely amazing! It takes you on an in-depth search of who you are, what is your true essence, and how to get free from the beliefs, thoughts, and judgements that keep us in a cycle of pain. It allows you to take charge of your life and find the depths of love. Read it yourself, recommend it to friends, share it with family, and anyone that truly wants to live a life of love. It helps us recognize the amazing difference we can make within ourself, our family, community, and world. Enjoy this profoundly beautiful book!

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