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What Animal Dreams Mean

Animal dreams are symbolic of our thoughts and emotions according to many dream theories. Animal dreams also signify our fundamental instincts. When you see an animal in your dream, it is said that the animal is communicating with you or is giving you a message.

Listed below are the most common animals that can be seen in animal dreams:

• Ants – Ants are very common in animal dreams. They indicate that something is annoying or “bugging” you. If ants are creeping all over your body in your dreams, it shows that you might have some unfinished work or you have something very important to do. Ants in dreams also represent community and hard work. When you see an anthill in your dreams, it shows that you have a family and group of friends that strongly supports you.

• Bears – Bears in animal dreams show calmness and extreme strength. Bears also represent introspection. When you see a hibernating or sleeping bear in your dream, this means that you need to do some soul searching before presenting your thoughts to the world. When you are being chased by a bear, this shows that you are running away from something and you need to face it. A bear that is standing up indicate that you need to stand up for what you believe in.

• Cats – Cats show power in females. They also deal with obscure intellect and spiritual protection. Black cats indicate concealed secrets and powers for the dreamer.

• Dogs – Dogs in animal dreams show friendship and loyalty. When a dog barks in your dream, it may show that there is a gossip about you. Dog bite shows that you may have a guilty conscience. Being attacked by a dog may indicate that you are too impulsive. Being led by a dog shows confidence.

• Elephants – Elephants in animal dreams show that you are able to get past any obstacle in your life. Elephants also show strength, control and steadfastness. When you dream that you are riding an elephant, this shows that you can be the leader in your family or any group.

• Lizards
– Lizards in animal dreams shows that you need to be careful in dealing with other people. Lizards also remind us that you need to stay on the ground in uptight situations. When you see a lizard run away from you, it means that you are scared of some situations and issues in your life.

• Hawks – Hawks represent the desire for freedom. A hawk that is in flight shows that you are ambitious with your plans. A caged hawk, on the other hand, shows that you are unable to express your feelings and emotions.

Animal dreams bring different meanings to a different people because it depends on what the person thinks and feels. If you would like to know more about animal dreams, there are many modern day dream interpreters who could help you.

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