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How Brainwave Entrainment Blasts Away Binaural Beats

Before brainwave entrainment came into being, many people used Binaural Beats for mind improvement. You listen to both with headphones, and many times the sounds are of water running (like a stream), or bells ringing, so what’s the difference between the two?

“Entrainment” basically means that two systems oscillating at different frequencies independently are brought together. They synchronize with one another, at whatever the combined system’s resonant frequency is.

First we’ll discuss a binaural beat, which is where a different tone is played in each ear. You use headphones to listen to these beats to prevent hearing the sounds from both ears. So because you only hear one thing at a time and it transfers between ears, you think you are hearing a beat’ it’s actually just two simple tones accompanied by some background noise.

Binaural beats are so easy to make that you can actually make them yourself using an open source program called Gnaural. Many people claim that they don’t actually work, and you could just listen to music, or a clock ticking, and get the same relaxation effect.

Now let’s move on to Brainwave Entrainment. Not all brain entrainment systems are created equally either. Some are linear, meaning the sounds they play basically move along a horizontal line (kind of like listening to music). But your brain is NOT linear; it’s more like a ball bouncing up and down, touching on different points all the time.

If you’re going to get any benefit out of an entrainment system, make sure it has points that move up and down and are layered so the brain isn’t listening to the same thing all the time or you’ll get bored and move on!

OK, now all that being said, that’s why I ONLY use the Brain Evolution System. It is a “powerful brainwave program that continuously builds your brain muscle, helping you tap into safe, positive states of mind – practically on-demand.”

I’ve used this system for some time and is the only brainwave entrainment system I recommend. The only people I’ve ever heard say it doesn’t work are those that listen to it for a few moments to test it out, then claim they didn’t benefit. At LEAST listen to the entire 30 minutes a few times before you make a decision. You’ll be glad you did!

Get the facts about brain entrainment systems and discover the possibilities of the exclusive 3P D.E.A.P. technology available in the most advanced brainwave entrainment system available today! Click Here for the Brain Evolution System.

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Amazing Brain Entrainment Success

I have been amazed with my brain entrainment cds since I started using them, but what I experienced the other night was nothing less than success for me since it immediately got rid of something that had been bugging me for a month!

Here’s a simple story to be sure, but still proves the effectiveness of brainwave entrainment.

We (my husband and I) basically live in our downstairs rec room. For a couple of weeks now we’ve been hearing this noise on the deck but every time I go to check it out, there’s nothing! Could it be the wind? Squirrels, don’t know, everything is quiet when I get to the top of the stairs.

I hadn’t done my brain entrainment cds for awhile, so I thought I’d just relax and take a 30 minute break from boring TV watching and listen to the soothing brainwave entrainment sounds. It really is an awesome thing. Even if I’m very tired, I don’t fall asleep while listening to the soft sounds, I just sort of go into a trance – and even though there is no audible change in what I’m listening to, I come out of the trance at exactly the point when the cd is ending.

It’s probably because the Brain Ev system uses not only binaural beats, but a “combination of binaural beats AND isochronic / rhythmic tones AND a unique audio process known as temporal entrainment to achieve its powerful effect.”

OK, so on to my story. After I finished listening to the brain entrainment cd, sat up and got ready to go upstairs to bed. But it suddenly hit me that that noise probably wasn’t coming from the deck at all, it might have been coming from the crawl space in a room we recently had re-carpeted. I went into the closet in the room, and found the door open slightly, closed it, and the mystery noises stopped.

Thank goodness, I thought our house was suddenly haunted! I don’t think I would have figured that out for quite a while! I’ve also had much better luck figuring out what I should be doing on a daily basis in my business so I can go forward instead of slightly backward. I wish I had never put off the brainwave entrainment sessions for awhile.

After you listen to them, you probably won’t be able to explain how you manage to solve problems more quickly now, or get more things done. It’s not exactly something you will notice at all, it just happens, and it’s all good! This is just one of the times listing to my brain entrainment cds has helped me solve a problem, and it won’t be the last! It really is the Most Powerful Brainwave Entrainment Program available!

Do you have any problems you need to resolve? Learn How YOU can Double Your Ability to Learn, Think Creatively, Solve ANY Problem, And Enjoy Limitless Energy –Just By Listening to Your CD Player like I do.

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