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How do you Resolve Conflict? Like Whoopi, Joy or Bill on the View?

How do you get your point across when a conflict arises? The reason I think of this today is because I was watching the View the other day when Bill O’Reilly voiced his opinion so strongly no one else could talk! The result was that Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar walked off the set because they were so upset.

At that point, Barbara Walters did apologize and said that no one should have to walk away to be heard. And she’s right. If you’re having an argument, it’s not much of an argument if you keep telling the other people to shut up so you can talk. And especially on a Television show, all members should be able to give their opinions without having to actually get up and walk off.

So how do you handle conflict? Voice your opinion below:

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Did you know there is a thing called Conversational Hypnosis where you can actually sway a person’s opinion without them knowing it. It WOULD be nice to be right all the time, wouldn’t it? Use Conversational Hypnosis and stop the argument peacefully.

Conversational Hypnosis Puts You Back In Control

Have you ever heard of Conversational Hypnosis? It’s highly likely you have not because people who practice this type of hypnosis are not advertising for clients who want to be hypnotized to help them improve their lives (example: help stop smoking, lose weight, become more confident, or anything else you can learn to do (or not do) with hypnosis. In fact, the people who use conversational hypnosis hope you never find out they use, or you might get a little angry.

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Conversational hypnosis is the type of hypnosis usually used by those in sales but it is also consciously, and sometimes unconsciously, used by people who seem to always get what they want. These are the people you feel like you can believe. And, for reasons unknown to you, you trust them. Whatever they say seems to be the right thing. For some conversational hypnosis comes naturally (which is why I said they could be using it unconsciously), for others, it takes practice.

Unlike regular hypnosis, where one person is put into a trance while the other person speaks softly and/or asks questions, Conversational Hypnosis occurs when two people are just talking to each other, or so it seems.

Actually, one person is doing most of the talking, the other seems to be listening and agreeing.

However, the person doing the talking is doing so in a way that influences the listener to follow their lead. They use their tone of voice, along with what they say, to influence another person’s decision. They know if you’re leaning towards saying “yes” or “no.” When they feel a “no” coming on, they easily change your mind to a “yes” before you even realize what happened.

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Not only that, but they can make you forget that you originally had objections, until the only thing left for you to do is buy, or agree that they’re right and then wonder what happened later. Don’t you wish you had that kind of power?!

There is another thing that will really give you away. If you talk with your hands, or use basic body language, you are easier for a conversational hypnotist to persuade because they are very good at reading this language. Body language is a lot easier to read than trying to determine what a person is actually thinking as they speak.

Now that you know what conversational hypnosis is, do you think you have ever been hypnotized by a professional Conversational Hypnotist? Well, have you ever had buyers remorse- where you went to a store to buy one thing, and somehow bought something much more expensive than you ever thought you would. You might not realize what changed your mind and made you make that more expensive purchase.

And probably, when you were driving home, you found yourself trying to figure out how to tell your significant other that this was a good idea?

If that sounds familiar, then, you were probably the victim of the conversational hypnosis tactics used by the sales person.

It’s really not a very good feeling when that happens (unless, of course, you were the one that made it happen). But, if you know the secrets of what’s going on, you can be in control at all times. You can either stick with your original answer, OR, make people do what you want for a change!

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