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Why You MUST Interpert Your Dreams To Have A Lucid Dream

Most people who are successful at having a Lucid Dream know what it takes to become conscious while dreaming. The most important thing is to start to remember your dreams during the day, so you’ll be more aware of exactly when you’re dreaming and WHAT you’re dreaming about.

The WHAT part of your dream can be a bit confusing though. What does it really mean? When you dream of flying, does that mean you want to fly; are trying to get over a fear of flying; or just that its fun to do – so you do it because you can!

Dream Interpretation is a complex process because your dream has to be set up in pictures. Sometimes the picture is a little off in explaining what the dream is trying to reveal. Just think about what would happen if you couldn’t speak, and tried to get someone to guess what you were trying to say just by drawing pictures.

That’s probably where the game Charades, came from, although in the game, it’s more fun to guess what someone’s trying to tell you because you actually get to find out in the end. When you dream, you may or may have a clue as to what your dreams mean.

If you’re good at interpreting your dreams, you shouldn’t have a problem getting into them with Lucid Dreaming because you know what the dream means, and you can more easily identify with it.

If you’re not so good at dream interpretation, you might want to check out the Dream Meanings Kit. It includes a Dream Dictionary, as well as your Private Dream Log, for recording your Dreams.

But most importantly, there is a unique Dream Analyzer so you can Get INSTANT INTERPRETATIONS of Your Dreams! All you do is enter your dream details into the Dream Analyzer, Click a Button, and let your computer produce a FULL Analysis For You!

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