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Inception Movie Lucid Dream Reality Checks With Totems

In the Inception Movie (staring Leonardo Dicaprio as Cobb) they use totems, to determine if they are in a lucid dreaming state or in their current reality. The inception totems are designed by them, and only they know the exact weight and expected outcome of the totem when they put it into play.

For example, Cobb uses a small spinning device. When he is in the real world, the device will spin and eventually stop. When in a subconscious mind dream state it will continue to spin endlessly. Everyone in the movie, as well as more than a few lucid dreamers, has their own totem which cannot be touched by anyone else – therefore if you want your own inception totem, you’ll have to make it yourself!

While I’ve never heard it called an inception totem before, reality checks are very much a part of the lucid dreamer’s world. When you’re learning how to have lucid dreams, it’s important to know exactly when you are in a dream so you can take control of the dream, and when you’re in real life – in real life you can’t jump off a building and live!

Reality checks can come in the form of a small device, as is used in the Inception movie, or they can be as simple as something you do or say to yourself that lets you know you are not dreaming anymore. A good example would be a screen saver on your computer that interrupts you every so often and makes you do a reality check. And vice versa, when you’re dreaming, you might see clocks that are upside down (hint: watch out for these in the Inception movie so you can tell when they are actually dreaming – it gets very confusing sometimes).

As you can tell, Reality checks are VERY important to the lucid dreamer, and should NOT be taken lightly. If you’re into Lucid dreaming or interested in it, you will probably like the Inception movie. I will warn you though, there is a LOT going on at any given moment so you’ll have to play close attention. It’s a thrilling action-packed movie and I enjoyed it a lot, but wished I would have planned to have a drink with my friend who went with me after – there’s just so much to discuss and talk about in the world of inception lucid dreaming. Don’t feel bad if you want to see it a second time to catch all the stuff you might have missed. . .
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