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Have Someone Elses Lucid Dream?

If you’ve watched my video on Lucid Dreaming (attached below), you already know the two most important things to consider when trying to get into your dreams and become lucid. In case you don’t’ remember – here they are:

  • The best time for lucid dreaming is right before waking up in the morning
  • Try to recall the previous night dreams

Many people who follow these two steps have great success in becoming lucid. However, for some it’s not so easy. That’s why there are books, tapes, and information available to help you become lucid. You probably have a few of these at home if you’ve really become interested in lucid dreaming – and hopefully they’re working for you.

But with new technology, comes new fun! There are now lucid dreaming cds for those who want to become lucid at a CERTAIN activity.

For example:

  1. Fly
  2. Relax
  3. Get Rid of Fears
  4. Become a Muscle Man
  5. Time Travel
  6. Astral Travel

Or six other Adventures!

With Lucid Dreaming Adventures, you can fly to the moon or ANYWHERE ELSE you want to go!

And you can easily target your dreams and enjoy a different adventure EVERY SINGLE night.

YOU decide EXACTLY what it is that you do while you sleep!

Use the time to solve a problem, overcome a fear, learn something new, or just fly away. . . .

The Lucid Dreaming CDs are all individually set up so you can select the adventure of your choice 12 different lucid dreaming cds.

Click Here and Have Your Lucid Dream Adventure tonight!