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How to Easily Maintain a Positive Mental Attitude

We all find ourselves in a “funk” once in awhile. Getting into a “funk” is easy. We tell ourselves that if our ship ever did come in we would be waiting at the airport. In fact, I’m not exactly in a funk all the time, but I have a plaque in my bathroom that says:

We Hope Our Ship Comes In Before the Dock Rots!

Well, at least I’m still confident that there is a ship. . .

It’s very tempting and easy to lapse into lethargy and become immobilized. In fact, that’s the response of the majority of the people out there. They think that they just need to relax one more day, then tomorrow they’ll get going!

But if you really want an extra edge over everyone else that will help ensure your success, become one of the few who CAN get out of a funk. It isn’t easy but it can be done with some work on our part and some help when we need it.

Here are a few things you can to get back your positive mental attitude:

Fill up your “hope” tank. This means to start initiating things that might come back to you or that might grow into something of value.

For example:

  • If your job has gone from bad to worse, update your resume and start sending it out on the side.
  • Enroll in a course to upgrade your skills.
  • Order something exciting by mail order.
  • Plan a trip.

These are all hope fuel for the future.

If you just take a few of these steps, you will feel more energized with a new found sense of optimism because you have things to look forward to.

Start a project that has nothing to do with your problem. For instance, start cleaning out the garage and getting it organized; or commit to a running program. When you pull your focus away from your problem, it actually makes you more open to creative solutions. New ideas will often come to you while you’re engaged in an unrelated activity.

Lastly, and most importantly, make a list of what you know will being you out of your lazy bad mood.

The next time you’re struggling and need a lift, consult this list and take action. Sometimes you absolutely have to force yourself to do the things that result in getting back to a positive mental attitude – (Its similar to how we want to slap that perky person who insists on telling us to have a terrific day when were feeling grumpy.) But if you force yourself, the momentum will kick in, and your attitude will improve.

Have a Terrific Day! 🙂


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