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The Adventure You’re Ready for is the One You’ll Get

I was watching the Emmy’s on Sunday (gosh, that seems like ages ago). Anyway, I was very happy when Jeff Probst, of Survivor, won the Emmy for best Reality TV Host. I’ve watched Survivor since it first started – it’s about the only reality show I still like.

When Jeff accepted his award, he thanked a bunch of people, as they all do, but then he said that he is very lucky to be living his dream. Then he said something that really struck home with me:

“The Adventure You’re Ready for is the One You’ll Get!”

And it’s exactly true! Think about it, when you plan a vacation, you are ready to go for an adventure to wherever you planned. You’re “ready” for it. So why don’t we plan adventures into our daily life.

    Some people hate their jobs, but won’t search for another one.
    Some hate where they live, but won’t move
    Some people just hate, but won’t try self help programs

I could go on and on, but the message I want to leave you with is this:

Stop waiting and start testing the waters to move toward the life you REALLY want to live. Do it part-time, or full time – just get started and keep moving toward what you really want. The adventure begins with you, so Get Ready!

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Here’s to Living Your Dreams!