The Right Way to Ask Dream Questions

My Aunt mentioned that she was very excited to read my book on Directed Dreaming and started telling me about a dream she had. She wanted to see if I knew what it meant.  Her story is as follows:

She was getting ready for a family function where her children were coming from two separate states and were going to meet at her house. Before she went to bed, she said to herself, “I wonder what sort of bad things could possibly happen to the kids before they get here?”

Well, her brain immediately went to work while she slept trying to conjure up some bad things to answer her question.

Oh my – not a good thing at all!  You see, you have to ask questions in a way that your brain can get accurate and correct information; otherwise it just makes something up. I immediately sat her down with a copy of my book, and she was done with it in about two hours.

The next day we were at another family function and she came up to me and said “I tried the tricks in your book, and I found out that I really did get much better information than before, and actually, slept better.”

She had a better sleep because she woke up in the middle of the night and wrote something down that she needed to remember the next day.  After you write down an answer, your brain can stop working on trying to remember it.

In just a short time, she completely changed the way she thought about things; was able to sleep better, and woke up with positive information, instead of a sinking feeling that something would go wrong, just because she asked the wrong questions.

Information is power, as they say, and it pays to have the correct information given to you quickly and easily while you sleep.

Here’s to pleasant dreams – that all come true!