The Sixth Sense, And Beyond

I really don’t hear much about the sixth sense anymore (maybe I should get out more!).  The sixth sense has to do with intuition and always striving for more.

I hope you enjoy this article by Barbara Soblewski Garcia, read it fully, and always “Go for the Gusto!”


Everyone goes through their own intuitive psychic experiences to reach a point that moves beyond mind, beyond the sixth sense. No one can actually live through an experience of another person but we can intuit the experience and feel the emotions and the impact of the experiences of others. The information perceived is more than mere telepathic or precognitive information; it is actually a connection to that spark of life within each one of us.

Our sixth sense is that portion of our being that is continually developing as we continue to learn and experience. It is ever changing, growing and learning as it continues to explore, discover, test and create causing us to reach higher, deeper and beyond our conscious thought.

The sixth sense is uniquely capable to bridge the gulf between the spirit realms and the physical realms, between our divine spark of pure light and our physical world. As we connect to the light within others that are in the physical world and with those who have passed on, we collect information that is taking place accumulated through dimensions of existence.

Thoughts continually pass through the consciousness whether we are in concentration or mindlessly watching a movie. On and on they flow, some are distant past memories, perhaps in childhood; those are the thoughts that stir the emotions. Interwoven with these endless flows of thought are insights and visions. Being alert to these insights and visions we are able to travel their frequency through time whether it is centuries past or century’s future. We are able to move our mind beyond space or through the earths crust.

Everything in existence is a vibrating frequency wave whether it is physical or non physical. Everything in the universe has its own unique signature frequency. Reaching beyond the sixth sense is about the reinstatement of your original blueprint. As this is accomplished the mind and body undergoes a transformation through harmonic frequencies that corrects and re-scripts former negative information into pleasant, positive frequency assimilations.

The higher frequency then becomes a predominate experience of joy and happiness. There is also a sense of balance and unconditional love and feeling the connection between ones self and all things.

Synchronicity and the ability to manifest that which has been conceived in thought are greatly increased and moving at a higher frequency waves that are simultaneously guided by the sixth sense.

Maintaining this higher frequency without wavering is the challenge that we are now in pursuit. Meditative methods, herbal remedies, positive thinking CDs are helpful but fall short on stabilizing the higher frequency levels.

As we continue to reach for our highest attainable frequency, we may reach our highest level of perfection, with the assumption, that our original blueprint is flawless. One thing that is certain, we will continue to change and evolve ever upward, always reaching beyond.

Barbara Soblewski Garcia’s website offers a wide range of services from private ESP consultations to ESP development classes, an Art Gallery and prints store. Barbara gained mass recognition in the Seventies with her involvement in several criminal cases, most notably The Hillside Strangler. Over the years her psychic powers has been thoroughly tested by numerous investigations in both lab and field settings

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  1. carolyn

    I really loved this article about the 6th sense and beyond. You’re right, we dont hear much about it anymore. Articles like this point us back to what its all about, where we have been, where we are now, and where it is we really want to go.

    I went to the authors site and saw that there is an e-book available titled 7 Oracles. I tried to download it but the database is down for maintance. Anyway, I will try again in a few days.

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