Tips to Maximize Your Energy Attraction

This article reminds me that I have Personal Power, and I need to start using it!

One of the best parts of life is learning and applying what we’ve learned successfully. As we grow up and obtain a good foundation of education and life experiences that application should become easy, but often we let our less than stellar experiences cloud our outlook and we stagnate in a revolving door of never-ending repetition.

To get out of this situation, the answer is simple, the process easy, the acceptance and application often difficult.

To maximize your energy attraction you have to maximize your good qualities for self-confidence and project out into the universe your happiness. Allowing yourself to see yourself as the powerful personality you are, is often difficult, because we are taught from childhood not to brag, boast or self-promote. Then, we attain adulthood and self-promotion is what life is all about; this cultural norm is obviously backward.

To get a good job, you have to write a resume’ that touts all of your wonderful qualities, education and job experience. To move up within a corporate structure, we have to stand out from the crowd with exemplary performance, and then use that success to convince the boss to move us up the ladder.

Developing that deep down “knowing” that we have what it takes is a learned attribute. It comes from celebrating the small successes in a big way. We need to see ourselves succeeding and growing, which is the ultimate confidence builder. With confidence comes the energy of happiness and of attraction.

Celebrate you, your life, your accomplishments, even your failures because they show you are putting out the necessary effort and moving forward. Surround yourself with really good friends who support you and your efforts to improve your life. They will give you the encouragement necessary to keep your energy up, your attitude positive and your attraction of the energy of the universe at a high level.

Confidence, celebrating the small successes, having great friends, being happy on a daily basis and defining your goals clearly are all a part of the formula for attracting the things you want in life.

If it was easy to go against the flow of cultural norms everyone would be doing it…and believe me, once the rest of society understands this concept, the norm will change, but in the meantime, be a trailblazer, find your own way to happiness and success the old fashioned way-be happy first and the rest will follow.

In the end, it’s one man’s opinion…mine.

Keith E. Renninson is a motivational speaker and co-author of the popular parenting tool and illustrated storybook “Zooch the Pooch, My Best Friend”. Through the 1990’s with much self-examination, academic study, bicycle racing, and mountain climbing, he discovered a renewed zest of life, which included a love of metaphysics, philosophy, humor, and writing and speaking. As Keith says, “Some days you’re the pigeon and some days you’re the statue…it’s all in what you make of it.” You can read more about “Zooch the Pooch” or contact Keith to speak at: Keith and his co-author Michael Conrad Kelley speak to teens and adults on “The Seven Simple Steps to a More Fulfilling Life.” This course focuses on how to build a successful Life Philosophy that works for each individual.
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