Turn a Bad Day into the Best Day of Your Life

First of all, let me apologize for that blank email you received last week.  I was trying to do something really cool in my autoresponder and it got away from me.  I hate technology sometimes.  It really ruins my day when things like that happen.

Which brings me to the subject of my email.  Could a little thing like that really ruin my entire day?  I value my subscribers, and I don’t want them receiving unnecessary (blank) mailings – but ruining a whole day is a bit harsh!

As you may know, when something bad happens at the beginning of the day, it can throw your energy off for the rest of the day (or more).  And when your energy is off, it’s likely that your entire day will be filled with mistakes and misadventures.

You MUST turn your energy around Immediately, and I’ll tell you how to do it.  You will think it’s really too simple, so if it’s so simple, give it a shot sometime!

Thinking about something ruining a day is a very negative thought.  This needs to be turned into a more positive thing.  The first way to do this is concentrate on your breathing.  Say to yourself, “I feel the air flowing in and out of my nose.”  Re-focusing your attention to a sensory experience will help lower your blood pressure and stop the bad mood feelings.

Then do the same thing and become aware of the movements in your chest and belly.  Take a few deep breaths in between each series.  When you start focusing on your nose and head, and then on your chest and belly, it’s hard to focus on that third thing – your bad mood.

Next, become aware of the feelings in your heart, and then make the decision to regain your sense of well-being and empowerment, by becoming aware of your entire body.

This exercise should take less than three minutes, and get you back to the present moment.  At the end, you will feel more relaxed, and have a sense of well-being and control.  Then, you’ll be ready to take on anything that comes at you!

Here’s to your hypnotic future!