Turn Your Current Reality into Your Ultimate Reality!

seagull.jpgSome people think, reality is reality, so what’s all this talk about Ultimate reality?

I think the best way I can explain it is with a reference to my favorite old book written by Richard Bach – Jonathan Livingston Seagull. 

The seagulls in that book had their own reality, they knew how high they could fly, and they were fine with that.  The ones that weren’t fine just complained a lot, but did nothing about it.

But not Jonathan.  Jonathan was different than the other seagulls.  He wanted to change his reality about flying.  He knew he could fly higher, and soar above everything else. 

It took him a long time, and he fell and ruffled his feathers a lot, but eventually, he was WAYYYY Up there – and that was his ULTIMATE Reality.

My reality changed the day I quit my job and decided to write a newsletter that people would want to read.  It’s not always easy, and for sure I have ruffled feathers and grumpy days every now and then.  But the reality I have now, working at home on my laptop, when I want, where I want, is getting me closer to my Ultimate Reality.

But if hadn’t taken that first step; if I hadn’t walked out the door of my very stressful 9-5 job as a Project Manager and believed it could happen, I would still be living my old stressful reality, and believing that was all there was.

Start today and make a plan; save your money; start a part-time venture doing something you love, read a motivational book – just do one thing a day to get you out of where you are (if that’s what you truly want).

I wish everyone could believe in themselves and change their current reality to the Ultimate Reality that is so much deserved.  You have to make it happen – and you CAN make it happen!


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