Unload Negative Thoughts – Even if Summer Passes You By

positiveltr.jpgSometimes it’s hard to think positively.  In fact, this summer I’ve had a real hard time remaining positive.  You see, I live in the Seattle area, and summer seems to have passed Seattle by.  While everyone else had sweltering heat, we couldn’t even go swimming half the time because it was so chilly. 

My husband likes it, since he gets hot, but I’m always cold, and I really have to do a lot of mind changing when I start to think about the situation, and become depressed knowing that fall is just around the corner, and we really didn’t get a summer this year!

But thinking in the negative is one of the most useless of all human endeavors. It is not only unproductive, it is self-defeating.

Negative thinking prevents us from achieving the possible while positive thinking can help us to
achieve what looks impossible.  What good is it to sit around and be sad and negative, when a little positive thinking and a smile would pick a person up in a moment!

That’s why it’s so helpful to replace the negative things that we say to ourselves such as,
“I wish it were warmer, or I hate being cold, or, I hate living in Seattle”

If I really thought about it, I might think instead something like –  its really nice that it hasn’t been so hot this year –  I didn’t have to listen to the air conditioner going all night – OR, Wow!  I’m getting such a good night’s sleep now that my husband can breathe and he doesn’t snore all night. 

That makes me feel much better!

What we need is some self-confidence….a big healthy dose. A person who is self-confident thinks in positive ways which make success a sure thing.

If you find it hard to change your mind yourself, you can always get a little help.

Here’s something you might find interesting.  In an experiment on animal behavior at the University of Wisconsin about 20 years ago, a scientist put a mouse with its front feet tied together into the cage of another mouse. The mouse whose area was being trespassed would then easily beat up the poor mouse with the feet tied together.

After a number of victories, the scientist started to put mice in the cage WITHOUT their feet tied. 

But our mouse was so confident that he would take on  – and defeat-  mice even larger than himself. Normally he would have run away from these larger mice, but he felt he just couldn’t lose. And he

Unfortunately, nobody is likely to let us win often enough to build up our self-confidence, so where and how we do it is totally up to us. 

There is one system that I highly recommend.  It can:

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