How Self-Help Cards Helped a Movie Star

self help cardsI recently read an article where Drew Barrymore touted the effectiveness of self help cards. I can’t say that she exactly invented the self help card, but I can say that they are a good idea! Basically, you print a few cards off that you carry around and either look at, or show to someone else when you’re getting a little over-heated. A few examples Barrymore gave Stylist magazine were “Go and take five minutes,” and “I need a minute.”

The cards remind you of the importance of taking a break when things aren’t going well. It’s one thing to have a shouting match with someone and go madly back and forth. But if you take a five minute break to chill and think things over, you’ll usually find that a win-win solution is right in front of your face – you just couldn’t see through the flames!

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