What Color is my Chakra (and where is it)?

Some people know that your Chakras are parts of the body that control your mood and energy flow.  However, some people get them confused with Mantras, which are a whole different thing!

Chakras come from an Indian-born practice of Ayurveda that says that energy moves through your body’s seven Chakras, or energy centers.  These energy centers govern physical, emotional and spiritual health, and they all work together to form our chakra system.  I was only introduced to Chakras when I ordered a hypnosis tape, and received a free chakra cleaning tape along with my Dreaming tape.  It was very interesting, and now I listen to it often to clear my mind, and boost my energy.  Here are the seven Chakras, with their color, location and brief description:

Base at the base of the tailbone – Root Chakra – (Muladhara), color red, grounds and nurtures us.  It empowers us and sets forth our personal boundaries.

Just below the naval – Sacral Chakra, (Svadhisthana) – color orange,  Considered to be our sexual center as well as the source of creativity.  Learn how to charge up this Chakra and you will encourage your romantic and creative impulses

Between the chest and navel, at the “V” where the lower rigs meet – Solor Plexus Chakra (Manipura) color yellow,  This is where our ego and intuition live, and where you get those “gut feelings” that make you take action.

Center of the chest –  Heart Chakra (Anahata) color green, of course, this is where the heart gets involved with feelings of love, heartbreak, grief, and fear.

Center of the neck – Throat Chakra (Visuddha) color turquoise, The communication center that affects our ability to speak and listen openly and honestly.

Between the eyes Brow Chakra (Ajna) color indigo, is between the eyes and is also called our third eye.  This chakra is very important because it governs our thoughts and mental processes.  Keep this chakra healthy, as it is the main thing that allows us to distinguish reality from fantasy or delusion.

Top of the head – Crown Chakra  (Sahasrara) color violet.   This is where we get Spiritual openness and invite spiritual energy into our minds and bodies.  It is often depicted as an open lotus flower and represents spiritual awakening.

Well, that’s all 7 of them, and just enough to maybe peak your interest.  It is very important to stimulate these Chakra with easy exercises, so it’s a good idea to learn more about how to get your energy flowing through these important centers:


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