What Happens if a Gift is Not Accepted? Who Does it Belong To?

About a month ago, while watching television, I heard something that changed my thinking completely.  There was an interview going on with a person who had just lost a child in an airplane accident, it was a very sad show.  The Mother of the child said something that everyone should keep in mind.  She said:

“We are not Humans having a Spiritual Experience, we are Spirits having a Human Experience.”

About a month later, I was reading an article in my March 2006 Body+Soul Magazine.  There was an interview that Nancy Rosanoff did with Wayne Dyer about his new book Inspiration: Your Ultimate Calling In this interview, there was a lot more evidence that people can change their life with their thoughts and inspirations.

It makes sense when Dr. Dyer says that our thoughts literally ARE what control everything in our lives and in the universe.  How many times have you thought about something bad that happened, and suddenly your heart is rushing, and you are getting mad all over again?  You need to practice in order to get to what Dr. Dyer calls “God Realization – to be in that beautifully perfect place of having every thought match up with where you came from, with your spirit.”

If your thoughts are mostly on how poor your are, or how to make more money, or what is going wrong in your life, you will not get anywhere.  “You need to stop thinking about yourself and start saying, “How may I serve? What can I do to make the world a better place?””  It is this type of thinking that puts you back into your spiritual energy, and makes things happen.

How would you feel if everyone around you said only positive and encouraging things about you for two whole days?  I bet you would be on top of the world – I know I would! And yet, after two days of being picked up, it would only take one slanted comment to being you back down again, why?  Why does it take so long to become aware of the good that you can do, and so little time to ruin everything?  The answer is simple, and Dr. Dyer takes his explanation from the Buddha when he was a young man.  I’m going to quote it directly out of the article in the magazine, because it is so powerful I do not want to miss anything:

“When the Buddha was a young man, everywhere he went people criticized him.  They’d find fault with him.  They were abusive.  They ridiculed what he would say.  This went on for weeks.  Finally his devotees couldn’t take it anymore.  They said, “How can you maintain your posture?  How can you be so peaceful and loving in the face of all of this criticism?”  He said, “When someone offers you a gift and you do not accept that gift, to whom does the gift belong?”  That was how he responded.  So if I offer you a gift of my anger or my ridicule, but you don’t accept it, who owns it?  I do, right?  Do not accept the gifts of negativity from other people, and make a conscious decision to stay in spirit with whatever it is that you wanted to manifest.”