What is Hemi Sync and how does it affect Dreaming?

I just finished taking a short quiz to see how “hypnotizable” I was and came out in the “average” area. This means that I can be hypnotized, but I really have to work on myself to enjoy the benefits that hypnotism can bring and make my mind do the things I want it to do (like make money, lose weight, etc.) It appears that my brain is slightly resistant to change, so I might need a little help in this area.

Hemi sync is a technological advancement for improving our human potential and is helpful if you are having trouble changing your behavior patterns with Hypnotism, Directed Dreaming, or any other method. Using Hemi sync devices makes the other things you are trying more powerful, and here’s how:

Since you need to use most of your senses in order to change behavior, Hemi sync uses an audio guidance process to send different tones (Binaural beats) to each ear by headphones. This helps to improve focus and concentration, and makes the brain more susceptible to making the important changes you need.

Some people get this confused with subliminal messages, but Hemi sync is not subliminal at all! It is a closely arranged program using sound effects to strengthen the effectiveness of getting these messages to the brain, and helps harness the human potential. It is not something that you can throw together at home, but definitely something that you can do at home whenever you feel the need.

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To your success in Directed Dreaming, Lucid Dreaming and Hypnosis!