Why Do We Have A Day of Fear?

Guy Finley's FREE Starter KitIn the U.S., we just celebrated a particular day that I’ve never understood – Halloween!  I don’t know who came up with this day, or why we have a day when everyone dresses up as some gory creature slathered in blood and trys  to scare people.  Myself, I have enough fear in my life – I usually dress up as an Angel, or something more mellow;  those people who have their faces covered with masks really scare me. 
It’s a frightful time for me, and the worst day of the year, in my opinion!

I guess everyone has a fear of something.  There are fears we admit to readily and then there are those that we really don’t want the rest of the world to know we have. We can even have strange fears that we can’t explain.  I don’t mind telling you about my fear of Halloween, but there are others that I keep to myself.

On a previous episode of  “Survivor,” one of the contestants was afraid of grass.  Yes…GRASS! I laughed as did the rest of the viewing audience….but her fear, even though it seemed unreasonable to the rest of the world…was real.

Of course, sometimes fear isn’t a bad thing.

A healthy awareness of danger can be called fear but it does prevent us from being hurt.

Fear is usually developed because of a personal bad experience or ideas placed in our conscious or subconscious mind by words or events. We definitely want to hold on to healthy fear that keeps us from getting physically hurt.

If suddenly confronted with a huge dangerous animal, most everyone will turn and run. And that is a good and wise choice….healthy fear in action.  We need to overcome paralyzing and unreasonable fear that prevents us from living life to the fullest and causes us embarrassment.  Fear takes away our Power, and without power, we are just worker bees in a very small world.

Unreasonable fear comes to two  forms:

  1. First is unreasonable fear of being physically harmed to the point that it becomes a phobia. This is a good example of a person losing their feeling of Power.  Examples of this type of fear are the fear of insects, fear of height, and fear of water, etc.
  2. The second is unreasonable fear of being ridiculed. This is probably the greatest fear people have. It can cause you to lose confidence and self esteem, as well as to be looked upon as not valuable or desirable, not important and certainly not powerful.

What can we do to overcome either the unreasonable fear of physical harm or the unreasonable fear of ridicule?  Simple, You need to always have a feeling of Power within you.  Get your Power back, and you will never be fearful again!


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