Why What You Think is What You Get

What You Think Is What You GetI just got back from a vacation in Florida where I spent a week celebrating my Birthday with my brother and best friend. It was GREAT to celebrate with family and friends.

The day before I left I attended a Millionaire Mind Seminar. Those are always good for a nice reverse of any negative thinking that might be going on in my head. Then, on the plane, I read How to Attain Your Desires, by Joe Vitale and Genevieve Behrend.

I have to tell you, that after all that training, there’s no way I’ll let a negative thought into my head again! But not everyone studies these things like I do. In fact, as I sat in my window seat, I listened to the two men chatting beside me and was horrified when one of them said:

I work hard, but I’m not going to retire wealthy, I just want to be comfortable.

The reason I was horrified was that this guy most definitely will NEVER make enough money to become wealthy, no matter WHAT he does. He has already set his mind on the fact that comfort is where his destiny lies.

Why would anyone think this way?

Have you ever heard the saying – As you Think, So Shall It Be – Its kind of the same as – you drive where you look.

What You Think is What You GET!

Oh, and by the way, the other guy agreed that that’s what he’s working toward also.

How much effort does it take to THINK! If it takes just as much effort to think about being comfortable as it does to think about being wealthy, why not think about being wealthy?

So, as a reader of this blog, I have a favor to ask of you. I want you to take a week to watch your thoughts. If you have negative thoughts, turn them around and think positively. If you currently think you will never be rich, turn that thought around (daily if you have to!) to knowing that you will make as much money as you want.

It won’t happen overnight, but as your new thoughts become your new standard, you will soon begin to see changes happen that will put you on your new path to wealth. And if you ever end up beside me on a plane, be sure to let me know what you REALLY think!