Cosmic Ordering is Now a Scientifically Proven Fact

Yes, it’s true, cosmic ordering is a scientifically proven fact, based entirely on the latest scientific research on the subject of energy. That’s what it IS – what it is NOT is anything involving tarot cards, astrology, spirituality or any of that other slightly interesting stuff you might have heard about. And since cosmic ordering has to do with energy, it’s very easy to manipulate that energy to get what you want.

So, what makes you think that you can’t order something up from the universe when celebrities all over the globe are ordering up their own success? Maybe you’ve even read the book by Barbara Mohr, or articles by Andronicos Andronicou. You might have even read about the success of Noel Edmonds. It’s time to stop reading and start doing because there is enough energy to go around for all of us!

My favorite inspirational book of all time is Jonathan Livingston Seagull. I think reading that book was the first time I even thought about all the possibilities of the Universe. The one thing that sticks with me from the book is that we are all living in different levels of the Universe; different energy levels.

I found this hard to believe at first, because I believed that I lived in the same world as my neighbors, which is only partly true. It IS the same world, but it is not the same energy spectrum. We live totally different lives, lives that we have determined for ourselves and accept as real.

I’m not saying that our lives are not real; they are as real as it gets. What I am trying to get across is that they are NOT unchangeable! With just a few small steps in the right direction, you can have anything you want. Do you need more money? You’ll need to learn how to use “advanced cosmic ordering” to order it up and get it delivered to you at a specific time.

What about an ideal partner? That partner of your dreams with the personality and looks that match exactly what you’re looking for. Get on the energy line and order it up! While you’re there, order more friends, social connections, whatever you want. When you know how to do it, it’s easy with just a little practice.

But be aware, there are the unbelievers that will quash your hopes and dreams the minute you tell them what you’ve done, so don’t tell anyone. That’s one of the secrets to making cosmic ordering work for you; nothing and no one should stand in your way. When you get the hang of it, you can even place cosmic orders for other people! But there is something else I want you to know. Not everyone has it right. If you’ve heard that you can just place a cosmic order, sit back and let the energy of the universe deliver it to you, you’ll probably be waiting for a long time before you get your delivery.

There are very SPECIFIC things you need to do, and in the right order to make cosmic ordering work for you.

That’s why it’s best to learn cosmic ordering from the experts. Even Jonathan the seagull needed help and encouragement before he was truly sure he could fly higher than any other seagull and actually had the guts to attempt it. Fortunately, now you CAN learn from the best.

Here are just a few of the reasons Bradley Thompson, Karl Moore and Michael Masterman are the experts at Cosmic Ordering:

  • Bradley is the creator of Subliminal Power and the man behind The Absolute Secret. He has also helped develop an entire range of official Binaural Beat CDs. He’s been using cosmic ordering for 15 years and it has DEFINITELY worked for him.
  • “Karl manifested a multi-million dollar company, created three radio stations, and wrote five best-selling books – including “The Secret Art of Self-Development.” All in just a few short years using the power of Cosmic Ordering.”
  • “Michael is one of the biggest names in the world of corporate training. He’s an expert on human potential and developed the Speed Reading Secret program, the Sleep Programming series, and the Motivator software. He’s also a very happy, very content millionaire.”

These three people will show you how to achieve your goals and get anything you want with Advanced Cosmic Ordering. If you are not currently meeting your goals, making all the money you need, or flying higher than any other seagull, you need to check this out today.

The energy of the world is at your disposal waiting for just a little direction from you. Use Advanced Cosmic Ordering to send it your way!