Dream Journals — What good are they?

In the book  Directed Dreaming, it mentions the importance of having a Dream Journal and even gives a sample of the proper format for the Journal.  Have you started your Dream Journal? 

The dream journal may seem like a bother to do, I have to admit that even I have a problem getting out of bed and writing these strange things down.  But what’s weird is that when I do write them down, and then go back later and read them, I can see some things that have happened that relate to the dream.  I usually go back through my journal once a month and see what has happened to me, and what it was that I dreamed about.  This way, I am getting to know how my dreams relate information, and am getting better at figuring out what they are trying to tell me.  It really is quite fascinating!

Here’s to Dreaming the Dreams we Want to Come True!