How to Get A Perfect Haircut Every Time

I don’t know if I’m just a simple person or what, but I usually get a feeling of anticipation and anxiety whenever I go to get a haircut. I have been with the same hairstylist for over 10 years (we’ll call him John), but there are still some areas of concern when I ask him for a new hairstyle. 

The same process goes on every time, I sit down in the chair, then he puts the cape on me, then he fluffs my hair a little and says “what do we want to do today?”  If I’m just in the mood for a trim, that’s easy, I know what to expect, he will just follow the same cut as last time and make it a little shorter.

However, the worry starts when I’m in the mood for a change, and, in fact, we have discussed this topic several times.  He was complaining to me one day that a guy came in and wanted a haircut that made him look “daring.”  What the heck does daring look like!? John said he had no clue, and basically gave him the same haircut as usual, and wasn’t sure if he would ever come back for another cut.

I have to admit that I am guilty of the same thing.  I go in and say I want a change, he says what were you thinking of, and I say, Oh, I don’t know, just do your Magic.  I know he is the professional, and he’s really good at his work, but I have gotten cuts that were wayyy shorter than I wanted, and then sometime, as in the case above, I get practically the same hairdo I had before, and go home disappointed.

Sometimes I will try to get to my appointment early so I have time to go through the books and see if there is a hairstyle that I like.  Usually there is nothing that I can even imagine suggesting for myself, and of course, John can’t help me because he is busy with his customer.

All this makes my 6-week visit a pain in the rear, if you know what I mean.  That’s why I finally decided to do things the easy way.  I registered with an on-line Hairstyle Selection agency about a month before my next haircut was due.  I uploaded my picture, tried on several different hairstyles before I went to my appointment, and then picked the one I was in the mood for and gave it to John as I sat down.

You would not believe the results!  John cut my hair exactly as shown in the picture!  We were both on the same page as to what I wanted; I was less nervous knowing how I would look when it was all finished; and I was so happy with my new hairdo that I tipped him really good and left the shop humming a happy tune.

In my opinion, it just doesn’t get any better than that!