How to Treat Insomnia and Fall Asleep Fast

Falling asleep fast is one of those things most people take for granted. However, for those who toss and turn all night; those who can’t stop watching the clock tick into the early morning; and those who can’t get comfortable, or get jolted from sleep right as they are finally about to go under, sleep is not so easy. In fact, it can feel impossible. But with the help of some easy tips, you can learn how to treat insomnia and fall asleep fast.

The rush of modern-day life does not lend itself well to the transition of sleep. Consciously unwinding from the day can help you slow down and help put yourself in a better position to fall asleep. A few important things you need to be aware of that will give you an idea of how to fall asleep fast are to:

  • Lay off any strenuous physical activities for up to three hours before bedtime. Exercise releases nutrients and proteins that may be helpful during the day, keeping you active and going, but you want those to wind themselves down before sleeping.

  • Avoid big meals before bed – Another way that’s often suggested when asked how to treat insomnia and fall asleep fast is to avoid big meals before bed. Let the food you’ve had during the day metabolize. Maybe have a light snack and take a nice warm bath before getting under the covers. A glass of red wine helps some people, but avoid alcohol in excess.

  • Sleep, TV, or a Book? – The bedroom is a mecca, so treat it like one. Use it to fall asleep, or to enjoy some private time with your partner, but don’t use it for other reasons like working or reading. Without these normal distractions in the bedroom, it will keep its exclusivity for sleeping.
  • White Noise and Total Darkenss – Some people have trouble falling asleep because every noise—whether its a pin dropping in the ouse or a car driving past outside—will keep them awake. Sometimes CDs of natural sounds or ethereal music help provide white noise that cover up the more erratic noises that might keep you awake. Others need total darkness to sleep – so black out those windows that have light leaking through or purchase an eye mask. Find a comfortable temperature to keep the bedroom at. Relax your jaw and let go of the day’s stresses.

When trying to fall asleep, it’s important NOT to actually think about the fact that you need to fall asleep fast. It sounds like a paradox, but you shouldn’t try to keep thoughts from arising. It’s natural but just let yourself drift away slowly from those thoughts. Don’t focus on them, let them come and go. Over thinking things at night will not help you on your journey to discover how to treat insomnia and fall asleep fast. Eventually the darkness will dull the reality of wakefulness. Soon you will be aslee, it will be morning and you will be well-rested and ready to start the day.

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