Lost at the Age of 41?

I recently found this on a good friends’ blog:

“I’m nearly 41 years old. Shouldn’t I have some idea what I
want to do with my life? I’ve always had a feeling that I
have something important to do in my lifetime – I just wish
I knew what that was. Oh – and I hope it pays well.”

As the Author of Directed Dreaming, I know that you need to
QUIT worrying about that “thing” you think you should be doing
(and stop even telling yourself there is a thing), it will just drive
you nuts, and how do you know you’re not already doing it, if
you don’t know what “it” is?  You see, talk to, and work with tons of
people each day in your job, so maybe you are already making
a difference and doing that thing and don’t even know it.
Change this thinking to:  I know that I am doing exactly
what I need to do to make a difference.  Word it so that it
makes sense to you in a positive way.  Always change any
negative thinking to positive thinking, and always believe
that you are oh the right path!
Every night before I go to bed, I say a few things, I won’t
tell you all of them, but here are the most important.
I believe that I am Divinely Guided
I believe that I will always make the right decisions.
I believe that God will make a way where there is no way.
Try these for once, and hopefully you can replace that other
feeling with a warm comfortable one. . .

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