Money Mastery Method #15, Have you Heard about This?

I thought this article by Christopher Westra was worth passing on.  I hope you enjoy it.


Do you know there is a strong correlation between money and happiness?  Yes, you heard right.  No, money does not bring happiness – the correlation goes the other way.  Happiness brings money!  Yes, those who are truly happy now always attract more abundance into their life.

If you think that anything outside yourself will cause you to feel a certain way, then you are suffering under an illusion.  The universe wants you to understand that you are the creator of your emotional life. 

You can decide to be happy now, and happiness is what you really want.  You don’t need money to be happy.  As long as you think you need money to be happy you will push it away because of your desperate craving.

When you are already happy, then you don’t need money.  You simply desire increased abundance for yourself, your family, and the entire world.  You can surely have it then, because you have learned the lesson.

Stop searching for the magical arrival of an ideal and perfect day.  Enjoy the flux and flow of this very day.  The present moment is the only time you can be happy because now is the only time that exists.

Be happy before you get money.  Be happy right now!

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