Neuroscience Proves Benefits of Meditation Include Brain Enhancement

It seems like scientist are always working on one thing or another. I always wanted to be a psychiatrist so I could dig deep into how the brain works. Instead I became a writer so I could dig deep into how the brain works. Hum. I recently read an article about the new studies that are being done on the benefits of meditation. Neuroscientists are trying to determine if you can strengthen the brain just like you can strengthen any other muscle in the body – with exercise.

In this case, brain exercise comes in the form of meditation, and the research is being done by a new field called “contemplative neuroscience.”

I have always believed that the benefits of meditation included strengthening the brain, and again, just as when we strengthen any other part of our body (including strengthening the eyes with glasses), the mind will work better when exercised; meditation seems to one of the things the brain responds to.

It all needs more research, which is why the benefits of meditation in relation to brain activity is receiving funding from the National Institutes of Health. In the meantime, I’m going to keep “exercising” using my Brain Entrainment System as well as adding some NLP to the mix. As I get older, I want my mind to be as strong as possible, and if it’s simple meditation that can do it – I’m all for it!

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