Path to Your Lucid Dream Experience

At night, we all experience a visual tableau of images in our sleep. Usually they involve events which would never happen in the waking world. They are called dreams, and at times a dreamer isn’t even aware of them, let alone being able to remember any of them upon awakening. But there is such a thing as a lucid dream, which is altogether a unique dream experience and is usually remembered quite vividly.

A lucid dream is one where the dreamer is aware he/she is dreaming. It doesn’t happen all the time, and usually it’s a controlled process. However, there are known steps which have been proven to give better lucid dream results.

You can conjure up your own lucid dream, or find an easier way by using Lucid Dream CD’s which help you have a particular experience, such as flying, traveling through time, meeting the perfect beach babe, etc.

How to Lucid Dream:
Trying to remember your dream, or dreams, is a good place to start when aiming for a lucid dream experience. When you start to remember your dreams, you develop a sort of map that helps you recognize what you focus on when dreaming. This is important later because as you learn how to lucid dream, and do it more often, you’ll need to be able to recognize when you’re dreaming, and when you’re awake.

You should always try lucid dreaming when you’re less tired. Therefore, if you work a normal week schedule, your best bet for a successful lucid dream would be on Sunday morning (after a good rest Saturday night). Being less tired will result longer dreams, and you will have more control over what happens in the lucid dream.

Remember, when you first fall asleep, you dream for about ten minutes at a time. After about eight hours of sleep, you will begin to have dreams lasting between forty five minutes and an hour. That’s why I suggest you try lucid dream induction at the end of the weekend.

If you’ve been having a hard time becoming lucid, try the Lucid Dreaming Adventure Kit. This kit has CD’s for some of the lucid dream adventures I mentioned earlier, and many more! Get it today and begin exploring the world of lucid dreaming this weekend!